The Booklist of 2016

8 Jan

So making resolutions doesn’t seem the cool thing to do anymore. The whole ‘new year, new me’ approach has gone completely out the window and I for one couldn’t be happier.

In years gone by I’ve seen people concoct lists upon lists of resolutions, talk about how they intended to improve their lives, their health and wellbeing..I mean who hasn’t had to listen to or tried and failed to ignore posts featuring those sought after ideologies which almost always end in utter failure.


We made resolutions just for the sake of it. We had our heads stuck in the clouds and were hung up on an unobtainable image of our self that was no where close to person we truly are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for change and improvement but we’re all aware that it’s the little things that count. By this, I think we can call agree that to really make a difference to the lives we live we should concentrate on making small, effective changes to our routines.

giphy (1)

So anyway, yea, I’m glad people have generally seen the light and have began to opt for more realistic goals and resolutions. Giving up a bad habit or taking on a new hobby – instead of attempting to completely transform themselves into their ideal persona…

This year I do have a list….it’s not a list of resolutions, simply a list of books. Books that I intend to and hope to complete in the year that 2016. For many of you these books will seem all too familiar. Why? This is a list of classics.

giphy (2)

So without further ado, I give you The Booklist of 2016

Ulysses by James Joyce

The Book List of 2016*My intentions on completing this book are somewhat pessimistic, mainly because I’ve heard so many people complain about how hard a read it is and of how few people have in fact read the book cover to cover. Nevertheless, challenge accepted!

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

The Book List of 2016
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The book List of 2016
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

The Book List of 2016
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

The Book List of 2016
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

The Book List of 2016
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 

The Book List of 2016
Little Women by Louisa M Alcott
The Book List of 2016


Have you any books in mind for the new year?
Or any other achievable resolutions?

Niamh x


A Real Blog Post

15 Apr

Wow. So I haven’t written a blog post since June. That’s awkward…Especially when there aren’t that many posts on this blog in total.  Oh well, I’m back! And fingers crossed this time it’s for good.

Why did I stop blogging? It’s simple really. Why does anyone stop blogging? I could give you some terrible excuse and say I was distracted by things going on in my life or I could say I had writers block for almost a year and couldn’t come up with a single interesting idea to share with the world, but I’m not going to do that.

The truth? Laziness is something I truly excel in, that and being the world’s biggest procrastinator. So, that is exactly what happened. I want to put those days behind me and hopefully I can. I plan (as usual) to blog as much as I can. I want to force myself to write. I want to improve my writing skills and develop this blog to the level it should have been at years ago.

A Real Blog Post

Although I have not been blogging in the past while I have in fact been working. At the end of July I spent six months at an amazing media company, I Love Limerick, which I will be returning to this summer. I wrote hundreds of articles and press releases, conducted interviews and managed a number of social media accounts, among many other things. I was lucky enough to meet and work with some of the most well-known faces in Ireland. I got a lot out of the work I did, I improved my journalism skills immensely, grew as a person and made some truly amazing, lifelong friends.

A Real Blog Post

What you may find even more surprising coming from this Irish cailin is that this blog post is currently being written from Jutland in Denmark. Yes, Denmark. I’m halfway through Erasmus studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. Erasmus is a whole other story that I won’t delve too much into right now but long story short, it’s something any and every college student should do, if they can. For me it was compulsorily but Denmark is pretty cool (literally it’s freezin’ half the time!). The school is amazing, the city is beautiful, and the people are friendly. Fun fact: the Danes are actually the happiest people in the world and Aarhus is known as the city of smiles.

A Real Blog Post

Anyway that is the short little update on my life for those of you interested (no one) and I do apologise for the rustiness dripping from my writing. I have hundreds of topics I want to write about and stories that I want to tell so if you want to hear more from a slightly deranged, 21 year old, wannabe blogger you can follow this blog or find me on Twitter here or on Instagram here!

Talk soon!
Niamh x

DEPOP – A Guide.

24 Jun

Want to revamp or update your wardrobe but just haven’t got the cash?
Depop is your answer!
Want to earn some money and get rid of your unwanted or unworn clothes? Depop is your answer!
If you enjoy swapping clothes and grabbing yourself some new outfits well then Depop is your answer!




This little app is the perfect answer to anyone who wants to earn a bit a cash from their unworn or unwanted clothes. It is also the ideal place for anyone looking for a bargain or for anyone who enjoys swapping something they no longer need or use for something new to wear!

I’ve been buying, selling and swapping on Depop for the past month and to say that I’ve become addicted to this amazing app would be a massive understatement. From online clothing stores, vintage sellers, handmade and homemade sellers to normal everyday people like you and me, Depop is a place for anyone and everyone!

The app is available to download from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.




How it Works.

It couldn’t be simpler to start your own depop store. Simply snap a picture of the item you want to sell, upload it, tell the world a bit about the item and hey presto you’re ready go! When selling an item you simply enter the price you wish to sell at and the cost of postage. Remember: Choose reasonable prices for your items and remember most people will try to haggle.

Buying items is also quick and easy. You can follow sellers and browse their items or search for whatever kind of clothing you’re interested in buying. Private message sellers before buying anything. Ask if there are any marks or faults with the item along with whatever other questions you may have! Always: Ask the seller to provide proof of postage once you buy an item.

Swapping on depop is just as easy as buying or selling. Although not everyone on depop is open to swapping, there are still many who are. Warning: The majority of people on depop are honest, friendly and reliable yet there is a chance you could get scammed so be careful!

If you don’t have a Paypal account, set one up! Paypal is the easiest and safest way to transfer money when using Depop or any other service online! You can also set up instant payment on your Depop so buyers can pay straight away.




Not just clothes!

From beauty products, to phones and electronics, from DVDs to accessories you’ll find people trying to get rid of almost everything!
And it’s not just for girls! Okay, so there is an enormous female majority on Depop but you will also find a good number of men buying, selling and swapping too!




So what are you waiting for?
Try it out, have a browse and find out for yourself!

Do you use Depop?
Why not follow me @niamh_higgins

Talk soon!
Niamh x

40 Day Transformation

13 Jun

So I finished my second year of college and came home for the summer to the worst realisation of my life. It turns out that two years of living off chinese food and takeaway pizza will in fact lead to you putting on a serious amount of unwanted weight. I guess it was just always easier for me to order in rather than feebly attempt to cook myself dinner, right?

The worst part of this realsiation came when I tried on a dress. A dress which I love that I had hidden in my wardrobe for the past two years. A dress that looked a hell of a lot more flattering on me then than it does now. That mixed feeling of guilt and self-consciousness flooded in. I knew I had put on weight over the two years but I guess I had never noticed how much bigger I have actually gotten.



Seeing all my friends and family being fit and active made me feel like I needed to do the same. My sister started a healthy eating and exercise plan so I said why not, I’ll give it a shot. We’re currently twelve days in to our 40 Day Transformation and I’m already feeling the amazing effects. The 40 Day Transformation is very similar to the paleo diet and I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first. Extremely hard! So I thought what better way to keep my self motivated than to write about the experience.

My daily tea and toast ritual had to come to an end. No more carbs or dairy sounded like hell and in the beginning that was exactly what it was. Temptation lurked around every corner. The cravings were out of this world from day one. All I wanted was to indulge in a chocolate bar or enjoy a pack of Salt and Vinegar Tayto, but neither of these were to happen.




Getting used to the diet came quicker than I had ever imagined. I’ve always enjoined salads and being able to eat as many greens as I want with my meals was heaven!  I tried turkey mince for the first time and never thought I’d enjoy it but I loved it. I think I prefer it to beef mince to be honest. Cooking is easy and simple and there are endless amounts of recipes to try.

Being able to pig out on fruit and veg isn’t too bad either. Of course there are so many temptations. When I’m out with my friends and we go to Mc Donalds or Burger King it’s always hard to say no. Even the smell of popcorn at the cinema is luring. In spite of this saying no to all those things has made me stronger and gives me a small sense of achievement. Believe me that sense of achievement is way more satisfying than the guilt I would have felt if I had broken my diet.




Clean eating is hard but completely worth it. I already have more energy and find it easier to get up in the mornings. I’m more active and more happy in myself. If you don’t believe me, give it a try! I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight yet but I still have 28 days to go! I will fit into that dress again!!!


Have you ever tried the paleo diet?

Talk soon!
Niamh x


Working 9 to 5

30 May

Today begins my job search. Ugh, I hate the word job. It implies work, effort and more than likely will result aching bones and chronic headaches.

Okay maybe that’s a bit of an over exaggeration but either way I am NOT looking forward to it. As part of my course (Journalism & New Media) we are required to take up a 6 month work placement, known to fellow UL students as Co-op. I had planned on spending the summer months completing my work experience along the sandy beaches of Catalonia but that went down hill and left a number of students, myself included, heartbroken. The biggest problem I now face is that there is a very slim chance NO WAY that I’ll be able to stand staying at home for an entire semester. 




So, as you have it I will be splitting my Co-op. Hopefully I can complete half it at home in Wicklow and the rest in Limerick. To do this though there are a good few hurdles I’ll need to overcome. Firstly, there is that one thing that makes the world go ’round…Money, money, money and the main problem being the lack there of! The chances of getting a paid placement is more or less little to none, which means a weekend job is essential. 


This is the first summer in about 8 years that I’ve been jobless and it’s kind of a scary thought. I never thought I’d see the day when everyone around me looked like they had control of their lives and mine was the only one spinning out of control, yet here we are! Today the turnaround begins. If everyone else can get work and do well for themselves, why can’t I? Now I’m facing the task of obtain not one but three jobs? I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into but lets just hope it all works out!


Say a prayer for me!

Anyone looking for a journalist???


Talk soon!
Niamh x


ASOS Marketplace

19 Apr

For those of you who are unaware of the wonderful place that is the ASOS Marketplace, I am here to tell you you’ve been missing out!
The marketplace is where you can buy or sell or just drool over gorgeous vintage and preowned clothing from boutiques and independent sellers. They also sell brand new, unworn clothing too!


asos MP


I’ve been a lover of ASOS Marketplace for quite some time although I am yet to purchase from it! Saying that though I do have my eye on a few things 😉 The majority of sellers are from the UK but there are many Irish as well as international sellers. Setting up an account couldn’t be any easier and it’s a quick and handy way to make a bit of cash from those unwanted gems in your closet!
Being a poor, penniless student with a killer shopping addiction and being a bit of an impulse buyer I recently decided a spring clean was in order! I don’t wear the majority of clothing in my wardrobe and I know I never will – a lot of things I found had never even been worn! So I signed up to the Marketplace and began to advertise all those unwanted items. You can find them here!



A lot of the items I have up are from highstreet shops like River Island, Primark, New Look, BooHoo, etc. I also have a LOT more to sell. After telling my friends and family I received a number of different clothing pieces to sell on behalf of others, because of this the items I have listed are a number of different sizes so you’re bound to find something that fits!


As a thank you to anyone who reads my blog you can use the promo code: NiamhsBlog to receive 10% of your first order!




COMPETITION – Win a Riley Handheld Handbag! Thanks to

17 Apr
Beauty-Steals is an online website that sell unique jewellery, amazing accessories and cosmetics at unbeatable prices. This month Beauty Steals are giving YOU the chance to win a gorgeous Riley Handheld Handbag.
Entering the competition couldn’t be easier!
You can enter via Beauty Steals Facebook 
Or on their website

And there’s more good news!
Beauty Steals are currently offering 20% off your first order using the code: New13

“Beauty Steals – A shopaholics worst nightmare”
So what are you waiting for? Check out the links and see what amazing deals you could find at Beauty Steals and don’t forget to enter the competition!

Good luck!

Talk soon!
Niamh x

Ida Sjöstedt for Monki

17 Apr

Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt has designed a collection for one of my favourite clothing brands – Monki! Being a devoted Monki fan (and by signing up to their newsletter 😉 ) I got an online preview of the new collection and there is only one word to describe it…AMAZING!

Monki 1

Maxi Dress – €120
Flirty Dress – €85

Monki 2

I absolutely adore the pattern of this maxi dress!


Luxe Top – €55
Luxe Shorts –  €65

The matching shorts and top are definitely my favourite from the collection. The pieces are a bit pricey and normally I wouldn’t condole buying clothing so expensive but this collection by Ida Sjöstedt is just out of this world and Monki’s clothing always lasts a lifetime!  I cannot wait until the collection is available to buy online!

Have you got a favourite piece from the collection?

Talk soon!
Niamh x

The Model Life – Reality & Fiction

13 Apr


What is it really like to be a model? Is it truly all as glamorous as it sounds? Two of Ireland’s own gorgeous, talented models Danielle Madden from Galway and Tara McCormack from Offaly give us an insight in to what the modelling agency in Ireland is all about.

Danielle or Danii to her friends began modelling when she was scouted at 15. “I always loved fashion and loved models in general except I always thought I didn’t have the potential being so small and petite, but when I was scouted however, my modelling agent boosted my confidence by telling me my height didn’t matter, it was all in the face.”


danii 1

Danielle Madden, Model.

Tara began her modelling career at the young age of 14. “My mother won a day photo shoot and gave it to me. The photos turned out well so we sent them on to modelling agencies. Though I never had a big interest in it until I was 17 and entered Miss Offaly.” Tara was successful in Miss Offaly in 2011 and later went on to represent her county in the Miss Ireland contest.

The girls explain how competitive the industry can really be on young girls. Danii speaks about how “girls will slate and judge you until you’ve no confidence left at all, regarding weight, cleavage, natural beauty, hair, and your body in general”. Tara believes the competitiveness comes from the modelling industry being so small in Ireland.


tara 1

Tara McCormack, Model.

Both girls being short of height differ from other models. Regarding height, Danii believes  that “tall girls wear dresses better but small girls are more realistic” while Tara discusses how height in modelling is more necessary for runway modelling. “There are other options such as petite modelling and commercial modelling, but I do believe that height has a huge impact on how far you can go in the runway industry,” she says.

Danii 2

Danielle at a shoot in Birmingham this year.

International modelling is a huge industry and extremely more competitive and tough going. Danii sheds light on the brighter side of international modelling. “I think it’s amazing, so many different cultures working together on all of the catwalks, Milan fashion week, London, Paris and New York are now including and signing Asian models to wear their designs.”

tara 2
Tara (20) studies English at the University of Limerick.

There is a lot more to the modelling world than just pretty girls and looking good. Danii and Tara both enjoy modelling and don’t mind doing the work to get outstanding results. Tara gives advice to those interested in modelling to “always try to be different so you can stand out. Use your natural beauty instead of falsies, tan and makeup”.

Talk soon!
Niamh x


My Fave Tartan Trends @ ASOS

16 Jan



I’m loving the latest tartan trend! Here are the top 5 items I’m drooling over from ASOS.

1. The ASOS Leggings in Tartan are currently out of stock 😦 It’s no surprise really at €25.28

2. The Jovonnista Tartan Blouse is currently on sale for €39.33

3. ASOS Shirt with Boxy Sleeve in Tartan Check €35.12

4. I adore midi skirts and the ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleated Tartan Check Print is just gorgeous! Was €63.21, now €44.24!

5. Last but not least is this ASOS Skater Skirt in Brushed Tartan Check €44.95

Are you hearting the tartan trend?

Talk soon!
Niamh x

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